The girl from the blog I had posted about (Inredlipstick) gave me a few more challenge ideas! :) Here they are! :)
Day 31- A picture of your first time in the saddle Day 32- A picture of the most recent piece of tack you bought Day 33- A picture of your favourite famous horse Day 34- A picture of somewhere you’d like to ride Day 35- A picture of the bit you use Day 36- Your favourite picture of your horse Day 37- A picture of your horse in the pasture Day 38- A winter riding picture Day 39- A spring riding picture Day 40- A summer riding picture Day 41- A fall riding picture Day 42- A picture of a horse-related item you want Day 43- A picture of a horse-related item you need Day 44- A horse or riding picture that makes you laugh Day 45- A picture of something you want to jump Day 46- Your favourite horse-related quote and who said it Day 47- A horse of your favourite colour Day 48- Something you’d never do on a horse Day 49- Something you think every equestrian dreams of Day 50- Your most memorable moment with your horse

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