Challenge 19.

Hey guys! Today is challenge 18, and I'm supposed to talk about a discipline I'd love to try. One discipline I've always wanted to try is reining, but I'd like to try western pleasure, too. :) Jumping has always seemed fun to me, but I don't think I'd ever want to get out of my Western riding and try English..maybe one day, but Red wouldn't be a good jumper and I wouldn't ever want to get rid of him to get another horse that could jump. :P Red is perfect for me. :) He'll be with me for a LOOOONG TIME! :)

I wanted to post a few doodles I drew last night, too. :) I'll try to post more later.
Last one! :) Just a random, pitiful doodle!!! I drew this tonight. Please, if you repin, give me proper credit, I consider it a compliment for you to repin my pictures or drawings and etc, but please, give me proper credit. :) Thanks!
A couple more random doodles. A jump, and English saddle, and a small silhouette-ish sketch of a girl on a jumping horse. Please, if you repin, give me proper credit. I consider it a great compliment when you repin my drawings and pictures, but please, credit! :)
Just a random drawing I did tonight. :P It's terrible, I realize that. :)) I don't know why, but I drew all English pictures tonight-English Saddles, English riding, English....which is weird because I am a Western rider!! :D
Why they are all English based, who knows. I'll do some Western sketches later. :)) The last one (The jumping one) is supposed to SORT OF look like Red, minus the black stripe, it looks similar. :)

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