It's pretty amazing.

So. It is seriously amazing how much better Red looks! When he first got here he had some skin issues due to the bugs in FL and there was pretty much nothing anyone could do to help it other than move him away from the bugs, which is one reason I was so excited for him to be moving to where I live (A much shadier, less bug-y place) other than the reason that's obvious. He's my first big horse (I had a mini) and I was really excited. :)

We put the hulk (AKA Red) on a few different feeds and mixed them (Omelene 400 is one of them) and mixed HealthyCoat oil (Got it from Tractor Supply) and then later we moved him onto some different feeds (He always had a little bit of the Omelene) and the same HealthyCoat oil and we started giving him beet pulps and he looks almost 100% better after less than a month. It's seriously amazing. He's even gained some weight and now has what me and my mom like to call a "bubble butt" or in other words a big horsey rear! He is seriously gorgeous! Not like he wasn't gorgeous before, but it's more obvious to other people's eyes! :) This boy officially has a shinier coat and he is the perfect Bay. I'll post some full body pictures of him soon so you can kinda see the progress and his coat. :) :) I took this picture today:

 But it obviously doesn't show his coloring since it's in B&W. I went up to his pasture area to take some pictures of him because some of my friends wanted to see some pictures and after the first three or four shots he gave me this look. I can almost hear him saying in an "Eeyore" voice, "Mom, another picture???" And yes. I compared him to Eeyore, the lovable donkey from Winnie the Poo.

Red has always made me think of Eeyore. His mane looks just like Eeyore's, and so did his tail for awhile (Due to the bugs) and he has the personality of Eeyore, well, he did have the personality of Eeyore. Lately he's been really hot and high-energy. (Warning: The HealhyCoat Oil WILL make your horse hot and high-energy;Use with caution.) 

Because the oil has so much in it it makes a horse pretty hot. Red normally has a very laid-back, "Oh bother" attitude, but lately it's not been like that! When we tried to tack him up the other day (Not to ride, just to try out a new saddle I just got) he started throwing his head around and being a little turkey. Not his fault, he's such a good boy and really loves the attention, but he just has so much energy! We quickly took him off of the oil because we do not want a hot horse and because we thought he would be perfectly fine without it and we're gonna wait about a week or so to see if he calms down. It'll probably take some tweaking with his diet, but he'll come around. :) I still totally recommend the oil (Make sure you KNOW it will be good for your horse, though. Every horse is different and needs different things!) but be warned, it does make a horse's energy sky-rocket. My horse went from lazy, "NO! I'm not going to move!" and pretty much like a donkey to a very active, running around everywhere kind of horse. The oil did wonders for his skin and pretty much his whole body and it's worth it, but don't say I didn't warn you! :) :)

The only spot he really has on him right now from the bugs is a spot on his face, and that's already healing really well, so my guy should be 100% back to normal soon! I know my Aunt's really happy, too. They loved Red so much but Florida was just not the state and place to be for him! I can't wait for them to visit one day in the-hopefully-soon future and see how much progress Red has had. :) :) I love his horse so much (Way more than I ever thought would be possible) and we have formed a bond, no doubt. I can't wait to be back in the saddle again as soon as he's a tad calmer and settled and we can re-start our adventures on the trails. :) :) 

My sister (A "retired" pro-Photography) and I are going to do a little photoshoot with me and Red in the future (hopefully soon, we've all been sick lately and we don't want her babies (twins) to get sick!) so hopefully I'll get to post some new pictures. :)

I know I really don't post a lot but I honestly mainly made this blog as a little log thing to write down my progress with Red and my past with horses, although I do 100% appreciate all of my awesome readers. :)

~~Heels Down~~

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