More than just an intro.

So, as I had stated in my "intro" of sorts earlier, I will be getting a Quarter horse in either August or September, and I am super excited. :) :) :)

Now, I guess I'll tell you a little 'bout me!

Ever since I was little, I've wanted a horse! I've asked for a horse for a really long time (No I'm not spoiled, haha!) and my love for horses came from my mom and her family. My mom used to barrel race and do Western stuff (No Dressage here :D) and she's had a lot of horses. So, a little while ago, I got a mini horse named Barbie, I loved her to death, but ya know, it's not the same. (We still have Barbie at the moment) So, a few weeks ago we went down to Florida (I'm a Tennessee Southern Belle, haha!) and my mom and step-dad (Jeff is his name, :D) had this plan before we even went. My Aunt and her family have a lot of horses, and they are having to get rid of some, so, my mom and Aunt were talking and my Aunt told her about this Bay QH she has named "Little Red" so mom apparently asked more about him, and she ended up deciding that when we went to Florida (Which would be soon) we would go riding, I would ride Red (I did not know we were going to get him, let alone even think about getting him) and mom would see how we did together, and if I liked him. Long story short I fell in love with the big Bay! But I still didn't know I was going to get him! So, we spent a little while longer in Florida with some other family down there, and the day we were going to go home, mom let me say good-bye to him. I was a little suspicious then. :) So, I kept telling her how much I loved Red (hint hint! Lol!) and the day after we got home, I got the news. :) I squealed. :D :D :D

So, I will be writing a lot about my "journey" with Red, training, and just other horse stuff. :) Thanks for reading my second "intro of sorts" Baha!

This is Red. Awful picture of me, but you can see how purdy he is and how big he is. (Over 15 H.H)

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